2 thoughts on “Elderly/ Disabled care in Franklin County PA?”

  1. Its called In Home Supportive Services…Call Social Security and ask for the number, they will come over and see what needs to be done, how many hours are needed and set you up. You will have to fill out a time card and mail it in to get paid and they now have benefits for you.

  2. Normally unless it is a family member, you wouldnt have a elderly person or disabled person staying with you. When somebody is taking care of someone in their home, it can be callled several different things depending on exactly wht they need to have done. They can be companion services (spending time w/ person and doing activities, respite care (filling in for a family member or regular care provider), non-medical homecare (perform household chores, cook, light housekeeping, med schedules, activities, shopping, reminding or redirecting patient), and home healthcare services ( all medical care performed in the home; assist w/ bathing, take vital signs, getting person in/out of bed, dressing changes, incontinency care, helping w/ grooming, and also medication therapy (IVs,etc.). Most of these, categories don’t require much or any training. But some do require certifications and licenses, mainly home healthcare services. You can get in to the field by posting ads in a local newspaper stating what your offering. You can also look for home care companies that are hiring personal care aides, and home health aides, many of these places provide the training required free of charge.

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