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Job alternative: Cleaning houses or taking care of an elderly person?

Elderly Care
123456789! asked:

So, as you may be aware, most places aren’t hiring or will be soon. However, I really need the income as a highschool student preparing to pay for college. My mom helped take care of an elderly lady all throughout college to get extra money, and I’ve also heard of people being hired to clean houses by families. Where can I find these types of positions being advertised, or do people even do this anymore?


People CAN be so Caring! Earlier today, an elderly woman was greeted by a full-gown boxer, and knocked her?

Caring for the Elderly
regwoman123 asked:

down. People around her called and rushed her to the hospital. Her dog, still remained in the enclosed “little dog section”. A friendly young lady, who the elderly lady had befriended, took the dog for safe keeping. Another “dog” couple went to the hospital to be with the elderly woman. I supposed they know her and know how to contact one of the daughter’s. How’s that for caring about other people’s dog, who goes to the same section often enough to be noticed. It’s nice to know that SOMETIMES people are very thoughtful.
I would have taken the dog myself, but I came on the scene afterwards. I would want someone to do the same for me, if the situation warranted it.