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Should my personal expenses for care of elderly mother be paid to me out of estate after her death?

Caring for the Elderly
KimKim asked:

I had to leave my home in order to care for my sick mother because we couldnt afford the nursing home so I had to have work done on her home to accomodate for her to live there until she died. My husband and 3 children lived with her in her home until she died. Can I be paid back out of the estate for the $50000. We spent to make the house handicap accessble
for her .


Caring for elderly Mother?

Caring for the Elderly
Exclaim asked:

Thank you Doxie and others that understood my last question about caring for my elderly Mother. I in NO WAY inferred that I did not want to take care of my elderly Mother and in NO WAY inferred that she was a burden. For those of you who were critical, how many of you could stop working… NO INCOME… and still live and pay your bills? AGAIN… thank you for all of you who understood the question.