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Can you get some extra money for taking care of a disabled elderly parent in ohio?

Elderly Care
tnmmax asked:

My mom stays at home 24/7 to take care of my grandma. My grandma is disabled and chronicaly sick. Can my mom recieve any money from the goverent since she can not work outside the full time job she already has? My grandma gets social security but uses it to pay her bills from hospital visits and medication.


Unemployment Compensation – I’m having to quit work to care for elderly parent?

Elderly Care
Joy H asked:

I heard with the new stimulus bill, that anyone who has to quit work to care for an elderly parent can draw up to 20 weeks unemployment. I know that usually if you voluntarily quit your job you cannot draw unemployment. Not only am I having to quit my job, I’m having to relocate from Virginia to Florida. No regrets though, it’s my mama. Just wondering if anyone else heard about this? 20 weeks of unemployment compensation would be a blessing.


Federal Law giving home of elderly parent to a child in return for care in that home for only two years?

Caring for the Elderly
ConcernedDaughter asked:

I have been told there is now a Federal Law that entitles a child to receive the house of their parent if they take care of their elderly parent in that home for only two years. I am seeking additional information on this law, if indeed there is such. Also whether I can access a copy of the details online. What if that parent lives for another ten years? Need this information to help protect my parent.
An attorney has assured me there is a Federal Law that would back one of my siblings taking my mother’s house after caring for her in her home for two years. How unfair can that be? More expensive than a nursing home. So far no one has come up with where I can verify this Federal Law.


Questions regarding caring for an elderly relative?

Caring for the Elderly
Gonetoday asked:

How feasible is it to care for an elderly parent full time? My main questions is this: Would I be compensated for it to justify quitting my job? Where on the web could I find out more about this?
Another question I thought of: is this: Is it possible to be trained on his medical needs if they are not too involved?
BTW, I bring home about $300.00 clear a week now.
We live in Ohio

Mary Jo