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Health aide taking care of an elderly person had a new will made what do we do?

Elderly Care
snickers asked:

This person is my husband’s close relative and will was done a long time ago already naming my husband and his brother as heirs. We are not talking about a lot of money but at least a house. Currently asked to go to court regarding her guardianship which ofcourse my husband and his brother would rather be the ones taking care of her. Very upset that this aide took advantage of the situation, but what do we do? Does this new will void ours?


Job alternative: Cleaning houses or taking care of an elderly person?

Elderly Care
123456789! asked:

So, as you may be aware, most places aren’t hiring or will be soon. However, I really need the income as a highschool student preparing to pay for college. My mom helped take care of an elderly lady all throughout college to get extra money, and I’ve also heard of people being hired to clean houses by families. Where can I find these types of positions being advertised, or do people even do this anymore?


Elder Care – Things We Don’t Really Bother To Talk About

Elderly Care
Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Ever heard of the phrase “The 200 pound gorilla in the room”? This is a phrase referring to some topic which is at the top of everyone’s mind, but no one talks about it. Everyone knows that the gorilla is here, but no one wants to talk about this and get the gorilla upset.

Whenever you spend time with an elderly person, there is a gorilla in the room. This topic can be perfectly associated with old people, but a topic that not many dare to cross, maybe because they find it rather upsetting, or maybe they just don’t know how to say it. But this is a topic which dominates your elderly parents’ minds practically every single day. The gorilla in the room refers to death and the life-ending matters that are pending in every elderly person’s life.

As your elderly parents’ primary caregiver, you ought to be aware of how much importance this topic is to your parents. In case you have lost a parent, the spouse has greater meaning and awareness of the issue. However, there are some very good reason to avoid talking about life ending issues and impending death with your senior citizen. This is because there are plenty of final issues that must be decided upon before the time arrives. They include

> Do not give any advance document directive decisions to the end of life medical personnel.

> The conditions of the will.

> Any wishes that the elderly person may have about his or her funeral plans.

> A brief review of the insurance and financial documents that the person with the power of attorney or the Will’s executor will resolve.

In order to talk about the end of life issues which are related to death with your elderly parents, you must be emotionally stable to withstand it. Most of us bury these ominous thoughts in a trick and we just like to think that we may not go through this. Perhaps we do that because we are comfortable thinking about life itself, and have a strong feeling of discomfort while discussing afterlife and other religious ideas.

To be mentally prepared to care for your parents and be an effective counsellor to your aging parent, you must ensure that you have enough peace and resolution regarding the topic. If this means you need to confront your anxieties about religion, you must accept it as a part of being an adult because your dependants including your children as well as your aging parents may look up to you for answers related to that area. It may take some courage on your part, but it is important that you face these issues so that you can help you aging parents do the same.

If you have strong faith in religion and if your aging parents share that opinion, it is probably the right time to discuss afterlife assurances that have been dealt with in your religion. Spend time with your aging parents reading texts about the doctrine of heaven and gain comfort from it. This may bring new hope and peace to your parents because they will realize that leaving this world does not imply the end of their life.

Do not allow the 200 pound gorilla continue its stay. Discuss the issue of death and afterlife with your elderly parents, and handle it with kindness and compassion. By doing so, you will assist your parents in attaining spiritual acceptance and mental peace about the rest of their golden age and the time they have left on earth.


How to take care of an elderly person with dementia?

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zangizao19 asked:

A close friend’s mum is in the early stages of dementia and they don’t know how to care for her and handle her ‘dark moments’. I really want to help them but need some advice too, so anyone who could help with information on care and maintenance of dementia or any tips on useful websites which could give more info….I’d really appreciate it.


How do you go about reporting a negilgent home care provider for an elderly person?

Caring for the Elderly
brat_4_u asked:

I know an elderly woman who recieves live in 24hr care but her care provider doesn’t do anything for her but keep her sick. The house is a mess with bugs and mildew everywhere. They even have a lice problem. The provider’s daughter also lives there and is 15 with no education. I need a way to report this for the sake of the elderly woman. Please help!!