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Under the new health care plan, do the elderly get the constitutional rights as the rest of Americans?

Elderly Care
Love truth, set your self free! asked:

So if Granny gets hit by a bus will she get medical treatment or will she get robed by Obama’s reinstated 46% death tax soon to 53%?
If you love your granny give me a star! And let the world know why this new health care plan is WHACK!


What did Obama mean in his statement that we should look at hospice care as a viable option for the elderly?

Elderly Care
The liberal flag asked:

Evidently, Obama doesn’t think that people are smart enough to know when to give up on life? He think we’re all blithering mental patients that need the government to think for them. He wants to limit care, not reform it. He’s nothing more than a fascist that just wants the elderly to die.

What’s your thoughts?


My concern is how are people who are childfree suppose to get taken care of when they’re elderly?

Caring for the Elderly
caltam84 asked:

I myself have no children. And having kids can be really expensive and lots of commitment. One can either choose to be a parent or be childfree.

For those who choose to be childfree, I respect your choice. Don’t let others put you down because of it. If being childfree makes you happy, then please go for it. But my concern is what if the childfree people need to get taken care of once they’re are elderly?


Caring for an elderly ferret?

Caring for the Elderly
GirlinTheCorner asked:

I have an 8 year old ferret and a few weeks ago she started to lose weight and become less active. Now she’s quite underweight and she never gets up out of her hammock and when she does, she can’t walk around or even hold herself up. She keeps making this gnawing sound with her teeth and her eyes have this glazed look. Since she can’t get up anymore, she frequently goes all over herself. Any tips on how I can make her comfortable and how to help her?


How can Universal heath care benefit the elderly?

Elderly Care
Jeremy P asked:

When the guide lines of Universal Health Care is that if the medical treatment is to expensive the government not the family the government has the right to not pay or it or you just can’t get treatment.
One more thing would Ted Kennedy go through this system no he would have the money to get the best. He doesn’t care about you or anyone.


Preparing for the Responsibility of Elder Care

Elderly Care
Thomas Henricks asked:

Having the responsibility of caring for someone who is suffering from the effects of the aging process can require considerable time and worry on you part. This responsibility could be thrust upon you at any time. There are a number of important issues to be aware of when dealing with elder care.

Caring for an aging parent or friend may be a responsibility that you are more than comfortable about accepting but it can still be a very trying period. It is important to know that there are many resources and facilities available that you can use to help you through this trying period in life.

Eldercare Assistance

One of the best places to turn to for assistance is not surprisingly called ElderCare Resources. They are a full service online company that is dedicated to helping people who are caring for their elderly loved ones. They understand that this can be a very difficult process and because of this they take every step possible towards ensuring the process is made as easy as possible for you.

They feature certified geriatric care managers, elder care law attorneys, adult day cares, nursing home care and more. They can provide a full range of information about most health conditions that may affect the elderly and provide you with contact information specific to your area.

AGIS is another great resource to turn to when you require assistance with elder care issues. They do not endorse nor do they maintain any financial interest in any of the providers listed in their search results. They can provide a full range of information about a wide range of businesses, government agencies and insurance providers worldwide. They do not accept payment from any of these businesses or organizations. They wish to maintain arm’s length and unbiased relationships in order to ensure all information provided is legitimate and accurate.

Support Groups Are Helpful

Caring for an aging parent or friend can definitely present a variety of challenges. Elder care support groups can prove to be extremely helpful to you. They allow you the chance to meet others who are going through the same thing as you and connect you to people that you can talk to and share your experiences with. Nothing can be more valuable than learning from the real life experiences of others.

This can help you avoid common mistakes and point you to resources specific to your needs and your location. It is important that you understand that you are not alone and that there are many others around the world who have already solved elder care problems very similar to the issues you are confronting now.

Sometimes you will find that is working very well to simply assist that loved one in his or her existing home or living quarters. There are cases where this will no longer be a practical solution. The are other options. You may wish to arrange for assistance to come into the home part time or even full time live in arrangements can be arranged.

There are also instances when none of these options will prove adequate. That usually requires that you loved one be moved into a full care facility. There is no shame in turning to this option when required. It will ultimately prove to be the best elder care resolution to ensure optimal health care and safety. The shame would be not turning to this alternative when it truly is the correct thing to do.

Do your homework in advance if possible, consider your options and make an educated decision on the elder care services that most satisfy your needs. Be prepared for change and adjustment. Resources are available. Take advantage of them.