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What are the steps procedures in Complete Bed Bath for Elderly?

Caring for the Elderly

How to Give a Complete Bed Bath

There may come a time when a family member needs complete care in the home. Many Americans care for their elderly, disabled, or terminally ill relatives as hospital and nursing home care grow more expensive. Even when a private nurse is used, she generally comes to do only medication administration or medical procedures. Sometimes nursing assistants come in to do care also, but perhaps not daily. One of the most basic forms of care you can provide is the complete bed bath. It gives cleanliness and comfort to the patient, and is an excellent time for bonding, comfort and communication. Whether the patient always needs complete care, or if they simply feel just too weak or ill at some times to make it into the bathroom to bathe themselves, the complete bed bathe is a valuable tool to know.
The first thing to do is to gather the supplies needed for the bath. This includes several towels, at least two washcloths, a thin blanket, a basin of comfortably w