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Can someone be paid for caring for an elderly alzheimer’s-stricken relative?

Caring for the Elderly
titaniumlibra22 asked:

My friend cares full-time for her elderly father who has alzheimer’s disease. Her mother who owns the home they live in is a real estate agent. Business has been very slow and they are in danger of losing their house. Is it possible my friend can be paid by the government for her services?
This is in California by the way..
Alameda county..


Questions regarding caring for an elderly relative?

Caring for the Elderly
Gonetoday asked:

How feasible is it to care for an elderly parent full time? My main questions is this: Would I be compensated for it to justify quitting my job? Where on the web could I find out more about this?
Another question I thought of: is this: Is it possible to be trained on his medical needs if they are not too involved?
BTW, I bring home about $300.00 clear a week now.
We live in Ohio

Mary Jo

Adult only child caring for elderly parents?

Caring for the Elderly
maisie asked:

If you’re an adult only child caring for elderly parents, what successes have you had and what pitfalls would you point out? I would really like to hear from people who have found a way to make this work without losing their sanity.

I’m a 41 year old single woman without children and I work full time. I’m hoping to make smart choices with all the information I can get. Thanks for answering!