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Elderly Care?

Elderly Care
Nunya asked:

My Grandmother is going to be 90 in April.

She has in-home nursing and the woman stays with her 24/7.

My Grandmother is a very mean woman, barks out orders, and makes the people that have nursed for her in the past very uncomfortable.

My family would never, ever put her in a home, but is their something we can do so that she’s not so difficult to live with? Or is this just an age thing and to be expected?


I Need To Know If There Is a Website That States Benefits for Adults taking care of Elderly Parents?

Elderly Care
Shay asked:

I need a website that lists if there are any benefits for adults taking care of their own elderly parents in Virginia. I don’t need to know about another states, just Virginia’s. My mother is taking care of my grandmother who can’t walk on her own or even use the bathroom without help. And we were wondering if there are any government benefits that will help us out.