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Why do liberals want to deny health care to the elderly?

Elderly Care
just a guy with an opinion asked:

OK, now that I have your attention I will ask a question about national health insurance in the US. (I am tired of seeing questions like “why do conservatives want to deny poor children health insurance, and for once I decided to respond in kind, to illustrate the absurdity.)

We know from experience in other countries that government control of health care results in rationing to save costs, and the waiting periods and “triage” that goes with it. Many times, procedures are not performed on patients because of their age. Even if one company does this in the US, there’s an ability to “shop” for different insurance providers. If the government ran it, there’s only one game in town.

Shouldn’t we “fix” the health insurance system by REMOVING some of the distortion resulting from existing government regulation, rather than make it worse?

Nost importantly, what’s YOUR solution?

Many good answers. Again, I apologize for the “headline,” but sometimes that’s the only way to get responses.