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Can you get some extra money for taking care of a disabled elderly parent in ohio?

Elderly Care
tnmmax asked:

My mom stays at home 24/7 to take care of my grandma. My grandma is disabled and chronicaly sick. Can my mom recieve any money from the goverent since she can not work outside the full time job she already has? My grandma gets social security but uses it to pay her bills from hospital visits and medication.


Is it unreasonable for someone caring for an elderly relative have one day a week to themself?

Caring for the Elderly
Melissa asked:

I am talking about non emergency things like grocery shopping, etc.
my grandfather is temporarily unable to drive..he wants only my mom to take him for a drive every day, or take him grocery shopping, or any other place he needs to go. She has a VERY painful frozen shoulder condition…she told him she needs tomorow for herself, he “said no you cant have a day for yourself EVERY week, you have to be flexible, I might want to go somewhere…..” she quickly left to avoid an argument.Last weekend he called first thing Saturday morning demanding a ride somewhere.She was in so much pain she was in tears…she told him”I am in terrible pain right now” He answered”Ok, can you pick me up in a half hour?” He didnt even NOTICE that she crying. The whole family is getting tired of his self centeredness, even though it comes and goes. He can be really sweet one minute and like this the next.