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caring for an elderly parent and getting paid for it?

Caring for the Elderly
nybx28 asked:

hi i was wondering if anyone can help me. my mother inlaw lives with her mother because she can not be left alone she needs round the clock care now my mother inlaw is no look to try and make money off of her situation but she had to quit her job over a year ago just to take care of her mother and has no income to help out with the bills now i know there are ways that the state will pay for her to care for her parent but just dont know where to look can anyone please point me in the right direction oh and we live in new york ty all for your time


How can Universal heath care benefit the elderly?

Elderly Care
Jeremy P asked:

When the guide lines of Universal Health Care is that if the medical treatment is to expensive the government not the family the government has the right to not pay or it or you just can’t get treatment.
One more thing would Ted Kennedy go through this system no he would have the money to get the best. He doesn’t care about you or anyone.


How does elitism (the elite theory) affect health care for the elderly?

Caring for the Elderly
dreamcometrue51908 asked:

Just a quick question…

How does elitism (the elite theory) affect health care for the elderly?

So far, I’ve basically said that the elderly won’t get any health care because the elites are too busy counting their money to care for anyone in the middle and lower classes.

But if someone could elaborate a lot on that, it would be great. I’m kind of outta ideas now. Please be specific in answers.

It’s for my AP US government class.

Help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


How can I take care of my elderly parents, financially and otherwise, & still enjoy a full life of my own?

Caring for the Elderly
beebee asked:

I don’t want to send them to a nursing home. I’ve worked in nursing homes/ long-term care facilities, and I know what they’re like. But I’m having a hard time stretching the money I make in taking care of them and myself, paying bills and so on. I want to save money for myself. I also want to travel, enjoy something of life. I also want to relocate and buy my own house. I am single and it’s hard managing on my own. I can’t rely on some Prince Charming to rescue me and save the day. I feel really miserable, unhappy, overwhelmed and depressed. I don’t know what to do.