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Caring For the Elderly

Connor R Sullivan asked:

Have you ever had a grandmother or grandfather who needed special assistance outside of their own home? If they were living in a nursing home or at a facility where assistance was readily available then they probably were taken care of by people with jobs in CNA. Caregiver jobs are nurses who are specifically trained to work with the elderly and make sure that they are comfortable and taken care of correctly. There are lots of great benefits and rewards that come along with this job and it is very easy to start the job, even if you are young.

First of all, to be a CNA nurse, you do not have to have a college education. This opens up a lot of doors for people because this means that you could start working while you are in college, or if you never went to college, you can still get a job. The certification process to become a certified CNA nurse is very simple and all it takes is a little bit of studying and approximately five dollars to take the state test. After you have passed everything and received a certificate you are ready to become a nurse and start applying to all of your possibilities.

If you feel like a normal hospital is a little too overwhelming for you and you would like to try something else as a beginner then a nursing home or a senior citizen facility may be perfect for you. It is relatively quiet, even when there are a lot of patients, the hours are not too long, and the pay is pretty good just starting out. These places are great because there will not be a whole of crazy things happening and you will, for the most part, be working in a very calm environment.

Some people are worried about the bad side of nursing where one gets to meet and spend a lot of time with a person and then that person has an illness or happens to die and then you never get to see them ever again. This is only one downside to so many good things that come along with nursing though, and there is a lot than you can do to ensure that your patients love you and that they are getting the best care by simply showing that through your work. Then they will know forever that you were their nurse and that you did a wonderful job.

Being a nurse offers wonderful opportunities, some that you would never imagine, and with the door wide open simply waiting for applicants, it is important to at least understand and look into the opportunity before you completely pass it up. Whether you are a college student or just someone who needs a job, look into nursing because you may find something that you love to do and that is worth more than anything when you are stuck and do not know which path to take on the road through your life.


Who has legal rights for making elderly care decisions?

Elderly Care
need answer asked:

I have a mother who is 60 years old and is requiring 24/7 care. I have not work in a year for providing care for her which has caused a substantial financial burden on me and my other siblings. We have tried other resources for help but the care she needs requires a nursing home placement. My siblings and I have agreed to a nursing home but my aunt refuses to let us put her in one. Who has the legal right to make that decision? My mother’s daughters or her sister?


Federal Law giving home of elderly parent to a child in return for care in that home for only two years?

Caring for the Elderly
ConcernedDaughter asked:

I have been told there is now a Federal Law that entitles a child to receive the house of their parent if they take care of their elderly parent in that home for only two years. I am seeking additional information on this law, if indeed there is such. Also whether I can access a copy of the details online. What if that parent lives for another ten years? Need this information to help protect my parent.
An attorney has assured me there is a Federal Law that would back one of my siblings taking my mother’s house after caring for her in her home for two years. How unfair can that be? More expensive than a nursing home. So far no one has come up with where I can verify this Federal Law.


What is wrong with the health care in Canada for elderly persons?

Caring for the Elderly
Patricia Y asked:

I am a support worker for Mentally Challenged and Elderly persons. I am very disturbed at the quality of care. During nightime hours I have observed some frightening instances such as one time and elderly was made to sleep in his own feces and urine until morning time due to lack of staffing in Nursing Home and semi Independant Living facilities. Also. from what i have witnessed there is not enough care givers to feed the clients and or patients at meal times therfore meals are being sent back and not givn to patients and or clients. What can we do as human beings to resolve such a devastaing issue?