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Caring For the Elderly

Connor R Sullivan asked:

Have you ever had a grandmother or grandfather who needed special assistance outside of their own home? If they were living in a nursing home or at a facility where assistance was readily available then they probably were taken care of by people with jobs in CNA. Caregiver jobs are nurses who are specifically trained to work with the elderly and make sure that they are comfortable and taken care of correctly. There are lots of great benefits and rewards that come along with this job and it is very easy to start the job, even if you are young.

First of all, to be a CNA nurse, you do not have to have a college education. This opens up a lot of doors for people because this means that you could start working while you are in college, or if you never went to college, you can still get a job. The certification process to become a certified CNA nurse is very simple and all it takes is a little bit of studying and approximately five dollars to take the state test. After you have passed everything and received a certificate you are ready to become a nurse and start applying to all of your possibilities.

If you feel like a normal hospital is a little too overwhelming for you and you would like to try something else as a beginner then a nursing home or a senior citizen facility may be perfect for you. It is relatively quiet, even when there are a lot of patients, the hours are not too long, and the pay is pretty good just starting out. These places are great because there will not be a whole of crazy things happening and you will, for the most part, be working in a very calm environment.

Some people are worried about the bad side of nursing where one gets to meet and spend a lot of time with a person and then that person has an illness or happens to die and then you never get to see them ever again. This is only one downside to so many good things that come along with nursing though, and there is a lot than you can do to ensure that your patients love you and that they are getting the best care by simply showing that through your work. Then they will know forever that you were their nurse and that you did a wonderful job.

Being a nurse offers wonderful opportunities, some that you would never imagine, and with the door wide open simply waiting for applicants, it is important to at least understand and look into the opportunity before you completely pass it up. Whether you are a college student or just someone who needs a job, look into nursing because you may find something that you love to do and that is worth more than anything when you are stuck and do not know which path to take on the road through your life.


What did Obama mean in his statement that we should look at hospice care as a viable option for the elderly?

Elderly Care
The liberal flag asked:

Evidently, Obama doesn’t think that people are smart enough to know when to give up on life? He think we’re all blithering mental patients that need the government to think for them. He wants to limit care, not reform it. He’s nothing more than a fascist that just wants the elderly to die.

What’s your thoughts?


Have the days of caring for elderly parents in our homes disappeared?

Caring for the Elderly
Paul asked:

Back in the generation of my parents and grandparents, it seemed like it was common for people to bring their older parents home to live their final days with them. That seems to not happen so much anymore (at least in my extended family). Why do you think this is happening (if you agree), and do you think this is a good or bad?


OK, I understand why society must care for the elderly and ill. But?

Caring for the Elderly

It also seems that society also takes care of those young and well. So what should we do with people who CAN, but DONT? Should we cut them off social benefits or do we keep paying thm to do nothing? Again, we must take care of elderly, sick and infants. I am also talking specifically about welfare, food stamps and housing vouchers. What % do you think are taking advantage of the system?


My concern is how are people who are childfree suppose to get taken care of when they’re elderly?

Caring for the Elderly
caltam84 asked:

I myself have no children. And having kids can be really expensive and lots of commitment. One can either choose to be a parent or be childfree.

For those who choose to be childfree, I respect your choice. Don’t let others put you down because of it. If being childfree makes you happy, then please go for it. But my concern is what if the childfree people need to get taken care of once they’re are elderly?


I need to find a support group for my mom, who is caring for her elderly parents?

Caring for the Elderly
ashleyok asked:

This group should be accessable by internet to be really usefull. My Grandparents are 88 and 90 and totally pissed about being old. My mom is 60 and a very up beat person that is very young at heart, but her parents (my grands) are making her sad and crazy. They are in a very nice independant living center in the North-west. It is so wierd for them to act so nasty these last years as they have become frail. I know other people their age, and none of them are acting like total babies. Sorry for the rant…they are treating everyone really badly. Just so you know, the grandparents were needing the paramedics at their house Every Day. That is why they are in the posh apartment now. No body is ignoring them or talking down to them. OMG, these two were partying with Frank Sinatra in the 50’s….they whupped it up. Perhaps that is where the frustration comes from.


People CAN be so Caring! Earlier today, an elderly woman was greeted by a full-gown boxer, and knocked her?

Caring for the Elderly
regwoman123 asked:

down. People around her called and rushed her to the hospital. Her dog, still remained in the enclosed “little dog section”. A friendly young lady, who the elderly lady had befriended, took the dog for safe keeping. Another “dog” couple went to the hospital to be with the elderly woman. I supposed they know her and know how to contact one of the daughter’s. How’s that for caring about other people’s dog, who goes to the same section often enough to be noticed. It’s nice to know that SOMETIMES people are very thoughtful.
I would have taken the dog myself, but I came on the scene afterwards. I would want someone to do the same for me, if the situation warranted it.